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Deva- Dimensional Energy Voice Analysis
Every person has their own unique voice architecture that reveals the sound codes for health and wellbeing
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What can you expect?

The voice architecture reveals in the analysis weak or heavy tonal frequencies and from this information we will discuss the relationship of this to the systems in the body, organs, bio-energy field, emotions and can then suggest various bio acoustic remedies.

Why you should have a Deva voice analysis

The computerised system may help uncover hidden factors about your long term health and wellbeing .The voice profiling or signature sounds can assist as preventative health and wellbeing maintenance and in the management of areas of your life and assist in the healing process.

Voice profiling

This will identify stressed sound frequencies of the voice signature which in turn can be used as a tool to identify and interpret the dynamic interaction of the body’s subtle mechanics. Every individual carries and emits their own unique sound signature which represents physical, emotional and energetic make-up. These are called sound codes.
• They increase body integrity and life energy
• Reduce stress and incoherent physical emotional patterns
• Release limiting patterns and increase clarity and creativity
  • Voice analysis sessions include-
  • Personal voice pattern chart
  • Tone correlation-
  • physical and emotional-
  • Map of tonal differences
  • Chakra impacts and cellular memory
From these results we blend a combination of plant sounds, herbs, essential oils etc to rebalance missing notes and to impact the subtle energetics of your systems and physical and emotional issues. The session lasts between ¾ of an hour to 1hour- The cost is £55 00 which includes the sound remedies plus post and packing. We are happy to announce that long distance voice analysis is available by phone – not mobiles – and can also offer Skype readings.