Florachology- from nature for
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Welcome to an ocean of stars and a mind of enlightenment
Starfish sounds create a calm inner stillness that refreshes the mind and finds
home in the heart

All essences are in 30ml bottles and are priced at £10 00

All sound mist sprays in 30ml bottles are priced at £10 00



Mirror Spiral

The clam sound essence will help to connect to our higher Self and not to be distracted in the process of spiritual regeneration. Completion and Focus



Mirror Spiral

The cockle sound essence mirrors the growth and transformation of the Self

Creates a gentle stillness that calms the mind.




Mirror Spiral


The mussel sound essence will bring growth and transformation of the self through psychological turbulence so helping to process the self recurring events.

Stuck in the past, life, events




Golden spiral

This sound essence of nautilus is for people who have a calm core but are driven by their outer life and will bring balance in the motion of life. Releasing and accepting

The Nautilus Shell wrapped in an envelope of sound

Razor Shell


Mirror Spiral

This sound essence can help us to move through dark moments in life and will give us the energy of observation and tranquility. To help release and to let go.

Sand Dollar


Earthstar in the round

This sound essence will help in underworld journeys, awakening our soul from its spiritual sleep, to gain polarity in all things.

To have an open heart and an open mind.

Sea Urchin



A sound quintessence - infuses Life force and equalityso giving the characterristic of unity. A Master essence.

Oneness for stress and anxiety



Earth Star

This portal sound essence helps with regeneration of life, growth through Cosmic philosophy by experience and adjusting to your path

Releases emotional blocks




A pure expression of sound energy to help move forward through transformation and will also help to process self similarities in Life.

Laughter, joy, happiness.

Super Shell Spiral Blend


  Spirals within spirals. This essence is a life support to all the essences.Spirals are a process of dynamic energy. When we leave our centres we become distracted a spiral will bring us back to the peace of the calm"ONE"


FrenquenSea Sound Mist Spray

Each spray is a composition of sounds recorded from shells, seaweeds, sea flowers and are combined with essential oils to create synergies of experiences. These can be used singulary or in a combination with an essence and will act as a support spray




Contains the bioresonance sounds of the Starfish, Bladderwrack seaweed and Sea campion

30mls @ £10 00 each





Contains the bioresonance sounds of the Sea urchin, Dulse seaweed, Sea lavender and White coral .

30mls @ £10 00 each



Contains the bioresonance sounds of the Clam, Seasquill, Sea holly and Red coral.

30mls @ £10 00 each


FrequenSea Bathtime Products

Also in this range are the four bathtime products which once are free from chemicals but have been energised by bioresonance sounds.


Contains the bioresonance sound of the sea campion which will help to" release and let go" with the bioresonance sound of the seabuckthorn to give a supportive quality. Price-200mls @ £14 00
Contains the bioresonance sound of the Sea pea which agin will help to release the flotsam and jetsam of life while the sea lettuce removes the toxins of life while being extremely supportive of sensitive people. Price.200mls @ £12 00
Contains the bioresonance sounds of the sea lavender and is supportive of life and will help to bring emotional balance while the dulse seeweed sounds will help to bring focus. Price -300gms @ £10 00
Contains the bioresonance sounds of sea centaury and is blended with the sound of pearl to cleanse negative energy of life and supported by the bioresonance sound of kelp to nurture the body. Price - 300gms @ £5 00

These four products are fully paraben free and tested. The shower and bath gel is sulphate free and fully foaming.