Florachology- from nature for
    the nature of mankind
Spa products - All of our spa products formulations are made with shea butter and cocoa butter blended with essential oils and VIT E. Our products are sulphate and paraben free and are luxurious for the face and hands and the body. To complement our butter products we have Aloe vera rich cream with sweet almond oil and coconut butter. Shower and Bath Gel - These products are fully foaming and effective with aloe vera and calendula extract Exfoliating scrub with coconut oil and beeswax giving a creamy and moisturising texture
The Wild rose sound with its intense flora nature will act as a humectant adding and retaining moisture. This product is also excellent for environmental sensitivity. Contained within the product is Rosa damascena ( rose otto) essential oil with the bio-resonance sounds of Bach flower wild rose so creating a luxurious blend.
       Body butter 100g £8.00
Wild Rose Spa Sound
Aloe Vera cream 200ml £16.50
Shower and Bath gel 200ml £12.50
Hand and body Wash 200ml £8.00
Personal Empowerment spray 30mls £8.50
Perfume 50mls £38.50
The Crab apple sound with its expressive floral nature of purity and perfection has been blended with lavender ( lavendula angustifolia ) and patchouli essential oils. This gives a cleansing and regenerative quality. The nurturing sounds of Bach flower Crab apple creates a sense of purity.
      , Body butter 100gm £ 8 00
Crab Apple Sound
Aloe Vera cream 200ml £16 50
Shower and bath gel 200ml £12 50
Body scrub 300gm £10 00
Personal empowerment spray 30mls £ 8 50
Perfume 50mls £38 50
The Star of Bethlehem sound is soothing in its nature and has been blended with the essential oil of Neroli , citrus, mandarin, lavender and rosemary to help support the emotional bodies in their transition of shock and trauma. The comfort and soothing of the bio resonance sounds of Bach flower Star of Bethlehem help to realign and balance.
       Body butter 100gm £8 00
Star of Bethlehem sound
Aloe Vera cream 200ml £16 50
Shower and Bath gel 200ml £12 50
Hand and body Wash 200ml £ 8 00
Personal Empowerment spray 30mls £ 8 50
Perfume 50mls £ 38 50